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  • 21st Aug, 2009 at 11:04 PM
Arctic Monkeys! KILL KILL KILL!

*runs off screaming*


  • 21st Aug, 2009 at 10:57 PM
My last 30 minutes

Saw the trailer for Guild Wars 2, and thought "oh yeah, Diablo 3?"
Saw new class for Diablo 3, decided a Witch Doctor was my class.
Decided to install Diablo for 'old time's sake' (and D2 was in the attic)
Decided to eat (Fish fingers, Potato Waffles, Lettuce and Tomatoe inside Pitta)
Forgot how long I had put the food in for, then had to watch it every few minutes
Decided to install Guild Wars while waiting
Burnt hand on pita bread, wondered if fake butter works to ease it
Tried to get Diablo to run off a 'virtual CD' but no joy
Ate the food, but didn't feel like I'd achieved anything (no "+1 Cooking!" appeared above my head)
Realised I hadn't washed my hands, and had to wipe off keyboard
Decided that I don't want to play Guild Wars
Had a look if Virtual Box will create a virtual CD
Remembered I downloaded Jolicloud (free new OS for netbooks)
Tried to get that running via VBox but failed
Got distracted by Moby - BodyRock video
Remembered I had a cup of tea, which is now cold


  • 18th Aug, 2009 at 11:01 PM
I'm writing this, to try and get back in contact with people. I've spent the best part of... how many years? Two maybe? trying to just survive, and cutting everyone off from myself (or vis-versa), but then realised that all i've done is made myself feel even worse. And it's not even just about that either. I miss people. I miss finding out how people are, or reading the latest exploits, or the little random things mentioned.

I know that it seems that I'm an ass for just up and leaving, then coming back and expecting everything to be a-ok. I am an ass. I know that, but i still... just want to go back two years and be as it was. I miss writing stuff down, I miss checking LJ.

But yes. I'm back for... hopefully 'ever', but yep.

Stuff has gone on in my life, it's all up and down, like a rollercoaster with aspergers.


  • 25th Dec, 2007 at 3:23 AM
It's half 3 nearly, so i'm off to bed. Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it, those who don't, Merry Present-mas.

I've done it.

  • 24th Sep, 2006 at 9:00 PM
I've cut people from my journal. Before people go "woah what a bastard", i've only removed people who has not been on for more than eight weeks. Alot of those people vanished into the internet and was never seen again, and all i was doing was keeping their name alive in my friends list.

That's all for now, basically. I've not cut anyone for any other reason than "I've not seen/read/heard from you in a very long time, so you must have either moved journals and not said, or gone away, or died, or been kidnapped, etc". If i've taken someone off who suddenly comes back and is like "woah, i was only gone eight weeks for (insert reason here)" please, email me or comment or something and i'll add you back with speed and gusto.

Ell See Dee.

  • 26th Jun, 2006 at 1:42 AM
LCD monitors are evil.

Well... not evil. But it's difficult to find that perfect monitor to play games on, without hitting either the sales bullshit, or reviews that you can't really take for granted.

So far i'm looking at a Dell monitor (E196FP, £237) which is supposed to be a very good LCD monitor, but the price is a tad chokable, not to mention that i can't find any bloody reviews for it. It's almost sickening to know that the internet is so large and vast, but no-one out there seems to have a dedicated, up to date site for reviewing LCD monitors on the premise of playing games.

I mean Gee. Why does anyone need a site reviewing LCD monitor performances, for game play. Most gamers use a freaking etch-a-sketch for their gaming. Doom 3, with a blisting 0.001 frame per hour framerate!


So. Any of "you" people have any experiences with LCD monitors? Good experiences preferably. And not sexual ones either. Unless it comes with a slideshow of pictures.

Friends Only.

  • 12th Dec, 2005 at 2:32 AM

Just comment if you want to be added.

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