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  • 18th Aug, 2009 at 11:01 PM
I'm writing this, to try and get back in contact with people. I've spent the best part of... how many years? Two maybe? trying to just survive, and cutting everyone off from myself (or vis-versa), but then realised that all i've done is made myself feel even worse. And it's not even just about that either. I miss people. I miss finding out how people are, or reading the latest exploits, or the little random things mentioned.

I know that it seems that I'm an ass for just up and leaving, then coming back and expecting everything to be a-ok. I am an ass. I know that, but i still... just want to go back two years and be as it was. I miss writing stuff down, I miss checking LJ.

But yes. I'm back for... hopefully 'ever', but yep.

Stuff has gone on in my life, it's all up and down, like a rollercoaster with aspergers.


ladyu wrote:
18th Aug, 2009 23:33 (UTC)
hi Chris, nice to see u again...hope things are good with u now, got to admit I did kinda wonder where u disappeared to - left a message on your last page update...prolly about a year ago or so to see how u were

u got a facebook at all? i tried looking for you but there are a lot of Chris Murrays on FB in Wolves...
glass_visage wrote:
18th Aug, 2009 23:35 (UTC)
I tried looking for you too, but it's weird on FB. Some people (like me) don't use their real names, while others, sometimes all you know is their usernames, which are not on their FB.

But yes, I'm called Ritualnet on facebook
ladyu wrote:
18th Aug, 2009 23:54 (UTC)
heh, can't find you, I'm locked down tighter than a virgin's chastity belt on Fb, will have to unlock it a bit so u can add me

do a search for Traci Barrett-Chalk tomoz sometime once i've sorted it
ladyu wrote:
19th Aug, 2009 13:38 (UTC)
nope, didn't work, so i'll unlock at my end then u can add me in the usual way
ladyu wrote:
19th Aug, 2009 13:44 (UTC)
done, u can add me now, i'll change it back once u have sent friends request 8)
akasa wrote:
20th Aug, 2009 00:18 (UTC)
I've missed you Chris!
akasa wrote:
20th Aug, 2009 02:20 (UTC)
Oh yeah, on facebook I'm Heather Goetz in Hawaii.
glass_visage wrote:
20th Aug, 2009 15:01 (UTC)
I've missed you too! I was only talking about you the other day, you was practically the first online person I met, back in the days of Diablo.
pygmymetal wrote:
21st Aug, 2009 01:44 (UTC)
Hello! :D
glass_visage wrote:
21st Aug, 2009 12:02 (UTC)

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